What is UMS? A diverse, welcoming community comprised of preschool-age children, dedicated teachers and supportive, involved parents.

Where is UMS? We are located on Reservoir Road, just off Fontaine Avenue.

At what age should my child begin? We accept children who are 3 before September 30th of the year they enroll.

Does my child have to be toilet trained? Yes. Your child should be actively using the toilet. Occasional accidents are understandable and age appropriate, but your child should be wearing underwear and know how to use the toilet and clean themselves afterwards.

How many children are in each classroom? Each classroom has an enrollment of 23 students.

How many adults are in each classroom? There are two fully-trained Montessori teachers in each classroom.

What is the best way to communicate with my child’s teacher? Each family is given their child’s teacher’s email address. The Director and Operations Coordinator are also available to pass along any pressing questions/concerns that you may have during the school day.

What are the hours the school is open? Students should arrive at 8:30 each day and After Care is open until 5:30 each day.

Does UMS have a Kindergarten program? Yes! We expect children to stay with us through their Kindergarten year. That program ends at 3:00 each day, and those children can either leave at that time or join After Care.

Do you offer financial aid? Yes. We understand that not every family has the ability to pay full tuition, and it is with that understanding that we offer financial assistance. See our financial assistance page for more information.

What is your admissions policy? We pride ourselves on the racially, internationally, and economically diverse nature of our school community.

How can I be involved at the school? We have many opportunities available for parents who want to help! There are several committees – Community Events, Facilities and Financial – all designed to allow parents with many different backgrounds to share their strengths and talents with our community.

How do I begin my child’s UMS experience? Interested families should contact the Director, and then set up a time to come in and observe a classroom and discuss our program in more detail. Call us at 434-977-0583 or email today.