The Montessori Method

One of the foundations of Montessori education is that the classroom is a carefully prepared environment aligned with young children’s cognitive and social needs.  This structured environment allows children to manage their own learning and to progress at their own pace. In our classrooms, children are taught where to find materials, how to use them, and how to use them with others.  As children learn, they are introduced to new materials and are taught how to use familiar materials in new ways.

As self-directed learners, children are always free to move about the classroom and to collaborate with their peers.  On any given day, children may choose to work in small groups, in pairs, or alone when they need to concentrate. Sometimes a child will just watch another child at work, which can make new challenges seem less intimidating.  Our mixed-age classrooms allow kindergartners to take on leadership roles, and they are often eager to pass on lessons they have learned to their younger friends. Through these varied social experiences, children learn how to be respectful of others and responsible for themselves.