Spring Fling & Silent Auction

Join us Friday, May 1, 6:30-8:30 p.m.

Dear UMS Community:

There is a lot of excitement building for our 2015 Spring Fling and Silent Auction here at UMS! The Spring Fling was such a popular event last year that we decided to make it an annual occurrence. This year, we will add to the fun by having the Silent Auction (previously part of the Fall Fun Fair) during the Spring Fling. The Silent Auction is our largest fundraising event of the year, and all proceeds support our scholarship fund which is vital to maintaining the diverse and vibrant community we all love here at UMS.

In order for the Silent Auction to be a success, we ask that all families participate in this event by soliciting at least three donations.

  1. Think creatively about donations to solicit or contribute. Local businesses that serve UMS families are prime candidates for donations (e.g., Whimsies, Atlas Coffee, Jump Cville, etc.). Individuals may also wish to offer services or items for auction, and these items have proven very popular in the past. Last year a UMS grandmother knit a custom hat, a family offered to make a Belgian waffle breakfast, and a teacher assembled a bin of toys and crafts especially suited to snow days.
  2. Identify 2-3 donations you wish to solicit. A poster board will be set up in the carport to record solicitations. You can either solicit businesses that have previously donated (as listed on the board), or you can add new businesses to the list. Sign up by writing your name next to the business.
  3. Solicit donations. Download and use the Solicitation Letter and Donation Form in order to secure a donation. Make an initial contact with the business by phone or email. Follow up within three days by sending a Donation Letter to the business. Continue to follow up by phone as needed. Retrieve the donated item and ask the donor to sign a Donation Form for each item.
  4. Drop off donations at UMS by April 27, 2015. Put donated items in Heather’s office, and be sure to include a Donation Form with each item.
  5. Bid in the Silent Auction at the Spring Fling! Bidding and winning is a ton of fun, and we need bidders just as much as we need donors!

UMS Silent Auction Committee

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